WEDNESDAY 20th MAY 2020 

We cannot say a big enough THANK YOU to everyone who has completed our survey – 91% of our school population has responded!  Understandably, a range of concerns have come through with regards to the current risk of COVID-19 and we would like to reassure you that we are endeavouring to take all the reasonable steps and precautions we can when moving forward with planning for a phased re-opening.  

To date the government has issued a range of guidance – some of which has already been updated since its initial release last week.  Using this guidance and advice from our local authority, together with what we know of our school context and the response from the parent survey, we have begun to develop our school recovery plan towards a phased re-opening for when the time is right to do so.

What this means, so far, with regards to the phased re-opening of our school…

  • Only one parent will be allowed on site to drop off / collect their child.
  • Clear pathways will be marked to your child’s entrance to our building – please be prepared… you will not be allowed close to your child’s designated entrance / exit door in order to facilitate social distancing.   
  • We are currently reviewing the room capacity in school, including the layout of furniture in order to ensure social distancing guidelines can be adhered to. 
  • If the demand for places exceeds room capacity, we may need to prioritise which children are able to access the site in line with government guidance to date.
  • Further enhanced precautionary cleaning measures (in addition to those we already introduced at the end of March) will be implemented as per the guidance for the phased re-opening.  
  • Two members of staff will be allocated to a group and will remain with that group.  At this current time, we may be able to accommodate a maximum of 3 groups due to our staff capacity. 
  • How we allocate your child to a group is yet to be confirmed as we further develop our plans.    
  • Once a child is allocated to a group, the child will remain in that group with the same two designated members of staff – including the lunchtime period.
  • Groups will spend as much time as is reasonably possible outside in an area designated solely for the use of their group.
  • Each group will eat their lunch in the classroom / outside if the weather permits.
  • Movement around the building will be heavily restricted.
  • In line with the government guidance, children will be required to wash / sanitise their hands at frequent, designated points throughout the day e.g. when going outside / returning back inside, before eating, etc.
  • To minimise risk of contamination, children will not be allowed to bring items in to school from home (except packed lunch) or take items home from school.  When the weather allows, children will be encouraged not to bring a coat to school.  Coats which do come in to school will be stored on the child’s chair at their own designated learning space – as will any packed lunch bags.
  • Home school reading bags and books will not be used in school for the foreseeable future.  Online access to reading materials is currently provided through Oxford Owls and our Reading Cloud is currently being upgraded to provide a greater library of online reading books for our children and families.

Please be assured, we are taking all reasonable steps and measures that are within our control in order to ensure our site is as safe as we can make it for everyone who accesses it.  Our action planning is ongoing and we will endeavour to update you as we can.

Over the next three days we will be hosting a daily Zoom live chat for parents to be able to hear our plans to date for the phased reopening of our site, together with an opportunity for parents to ask any questions.

As I am sure you can appreciate, we may be unable to answer some questions, however, we will endeavour to do our best. For example, we cannot currently answer any questions with regards to a date for the full re-opening of our school as we are awaiting further government guidance with regards to this.

Daily live chats are taking place on…

Wednesday 19th May – 1pm
Thursday 20th May – 6.30pm
Friday 21st May – 10.30am

For further details to join one of our live chats, please send an email request to…

Thank you for your support at this challenging time.

Take care and stay safe.


FRIDAY 15th MAY 2020

Following the government announcement and subsequent guidance with regards to schools re-opening from 1 June at the earliest, we want to gather your views, questions and comments to help inform an important part of our current decision-making process for our school community.  Many questions are optional, so please do not feel you have to answer them all. The more information we can gather at this point, the more informed we can be when making decisions with regards to the phased re-opening of our school site (when it is deemed safe to do so) and how we can endeavour to best support the children emotionally as well as academically.

We would be very grateful if each parent could complete the survey as an individual as opposed to a collective parental response as this will enable us to gather more information of parental thoughts at this current time.  We appreciate that as each day passes, new information is released by the government with regards to the impact of COVID19 on public health and therefore this survey is reflective of your thoughts, views and questions at this current time.  We fully acknowledge that your opinion with regards to your child’s return to school may change over the coming days and weeks. 

As our plans develop, we will endeavour to keep you as up to date as we can via our various communications, including our website and Facebook page.

To begin the survey, please click ‘NEXT’ below the box.  Your support in taking the time to complete this is greatly appreciated – thank you!