Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Hedgehog Class. It has been lovely to see the work you have sent through so far this week. What great news that Little Red Riding Hood was found safe and well! I am so proud of how much effort you are all putting in, so keep going! Don’t forget to log in to Spelling Shed throughout the week and see how many points you can get whilst practising your spelling.


  • Take time to pause and reflect. Follow the link to Go Noodle and join in with thinking about friends.

COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; Around the World

Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘Around the world’.
  • The hot air balloons in the picture are having a race around the world.
  • How many of the hot air balloons do you think will make it around the world?


  • Watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood on the link below. Today we are going to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood so listen carefully for what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

  • Watch today’s video and listen carefully as I sequence and retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood,
  • Cut out (or copy) and sequence my pictures to put the story into the right order. Don’t forget to draw an arrow to the next part of the story each time. When you have finished use the pictures to retell the story.



  • Practise spelling CVCC words on espresso.

  • Watch the video below and join in with spelling CVCC words with digraphs.

  • Write a list to match the pictures in the video. When you have finished check your spelling using the list at the end of the video.
  • Write the sentence below after an adult has read it aloud to you.

We put the tent next to the pond.


  • Practise spelling words with the ur, ow, oi and ear phonemes.

  • Today we are going to practise reading words with the ‘er’ phoneme. Move your hands round like a mixer as you say this sound. Watch the espresso video link to find out more about the ‘er’ sound.

  • Complete the activity below to read air/er words.

  • Read the sentence below and answer yes or no.

Can a boxer fight a rocket?


  • Find the number that is 2 more than the numbers below. Remember that you can use a number line or objects to find the answer.

5   7   9   12

  • Watch today’s maths video to compare objects by weight using the words heavier and lighter.
  • Find three objects and take it in turns to hold each one. Which one is the heaviest? Which one is the lightest?
  • Can you use the words heavier and lighter to compare each object to another one?


  • Share the story of Ravi’s roar and think about the things that made him cross.

  • What made Ravi cross in the story? He was cross about being too slow, too small and being left out. What did the rest of the family do when Ravi felt cross? Look at the picture below. What happened when Ravi got cross?
  • Ravi changed colour. He is red. Do you think red is an angry colour? Lots of people do. Are there any other colours that you think are angry colours?


  • FOXES AND BADGERS – Read pages 7 to 14 of ‘A Dog’s Day’. Can you remember all of the things that Pip likes to do?
  • OWLS AND RABBITS- Read pages 9 to 15 of ‘Spots’. Dad was very busy looking after everyone. When they felt better they were shocked to see Dad. What do you predict will happen next?

Don’t forget to send me pictures of you doing any of this week’s suggested play activities!

  • Use kitchen scales to compare the weight of different objects from around your house.
  • Make your own balance scales using a coat hanger and two containers to hang from each side.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and use paper strips to make the longest creature you can before the timer finishes.
  • Make a junk model of the mode of transport you would use to travel to the jungle.
  • Use large boxes or blankets and cushions to make a mode of transport such as a boat, plane or train.
  • Balance toy bricks or empty boxes to try and make a tower that is taller than you.
  • Use different materials from around your house such as an umbrella, a sock, a shoe, a scarf and an empty box. Carry out an experiment to find out which materials are waterproof.
  • Make a Big Bad Wolf mask and pretend to be the wolf from the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Play a game of ‘What Time is it Mr Wolf?’
  • Make a map of the route from Red Riding Hood’s house to Grandma’s house.
  • Learn the dance routine for ‘I gotta feeling’ on Go Noodle.
  • Get outside in the rain and search for soggy animals such as slugs and snails.