Thursday 25th June


Good morning Hedgehog Class. You wrote some wonderful postcards yesterday to Mother Bear.  You have another exciting forest school lesson to look forward to today from Miss Lydon! She loved seeing the work that you sent in last week.  Please send any photos to and we can share your amazing work with the rest of the class.


  • When someone listens to us and lets us talk it is a good feeling. We can also be like the rabbit in the story and listen to other people.  What do you think good listeners need to do? Write down your top tips for being a good listener.  

COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; Isolation

 Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘Isolation’.
  • What do you think isolation means? Isolation is when you are on your own away from other people.
  • Lots of people have had to stay in isolation to keep themselves safe and healthy recently. What would you miss the most if you were in isolation on your own?


  • Share the story of ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. Whilst you are listening to the story, write a list of the things that Baby Bear packed to take with him to the moon. This is called being an active listener!

  • Close your eyes and imagine you are stepping into your rocket. Imagine that you are zooming up through the clouds and into space.  As you fly around our solar system, decide which planet you would like to land on.  What is it like on your planet? 
  • Read your list of things that Baby Bear took to the moon with him. Now you have decided which plant you would travel to, think about what you would take with you.
  • Owls and Rabbits – write a list of 5 things that you would take with you to your planet.
  • Badgers and Foxes – write a list of 3 things that you would take with you to your planet.


  • Put on a 2 minute timer. Ask an adult to read a word from the list below. As they read a word, write it down. How many can you write before the timer finishes?
      • Spot
      • Step
      • Flip
      • Black
      • Nest
      • Tent
      • Spoon
      • Clown
  • Watch today’s phonics video to join in with spelling CCVC words.

  • Spell the words to match the pictures on today’s video. (brown, train, droop, smart)
  • Write the sentence to match the picture on today’s video. (The clown had a big frown.)


  • Put on a 2 minute timer. Ask an adult to read a word from the list. As they read a word, you must segment it (chop it up). How many words can you segment before the time finishes.
        • Rain
        • Jail
        • Light
        • Night
        • Road
        • Goat
        • Soap
        • Hook
        • Room
        • Loaf
        • Light
  • Watch today’s video to spell words with the ‘ar’ grapheme.

  • Log in to Purple Mash and complete your 2do activity for today.
  • Read the sentence below and draw a picture to match it.

The dog will bark at the cat.


  • Join in with the days of the week song in today’s maths video!

  • Watch today’s maths video to find out about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s’ food diary and using the words ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’.
  • Draw a picture of something that you have played with today and something different that you played with yesterday. Talk about the pictures to somebody at home using the words ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’.


Today, we are going to take a trip in a box, with Baby Bear and an owl. “Whatever Next!” is a wonderful story, full of imagination and adventure.

  • Imagine yourself flying through the night sky, not knowing where you are going to land, and then BUMP! There you are, in the middle of a magical forest, surrounded by beautiful trees. Owl, who is awfully tired after his long flight, and is in need of somewhere to rest, really needs your help.
  • Your task is to make owl an amazingly comfortable nest. You could use any natural materials that you can find; twigs, leaves, grass, branches and you could make it extra comfy by adding moss.  That would really help owl rest well. I can’t wait to see your photos. Enjoy nest building!
  • If you were going on a long journey into a magical forest, what would you put in your bag? Here is my example below.

I would take a photograph of my family.

I would take a photo of my family and some water.

I would take a photo of my family, some water and a fera rod.

  • Ask a family member to play the memory game. If you really want a challenge, you could write them in a list.


Have fun Hedgehog Class, and don’t forget to email your work!


  • Foxes and Badgers- Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required). Choose ‘Dad, can you do this?’

    Read ‘Dad, can you do this’ to an adult. Talk about the things that you can do that your Mum or Dad can’t do. What can they do that you can’t do?

  • Owls and Rabbits- Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).

    Read ‘Toads in the Road’ to an adult. Talk about the characters, setting, problem and resolution to the story.