Thursday 18th June

Good morning Hedgehogs Class.  Today is Thursday, which means we have another exciting forest school lesson from Miss Lydon! Today’s picture is the beautiful nature band made last week by PP.  We can’t wait to see what you all do in your forest school work today.


  • Tell the story of ‘While we can’t hug’ using your own words and the picture film in the video below.


COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; Underneath

Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘Underneath’.
  • In the picture there is a hidden city underneath the water. What do you think it would be like to live in the hidden city?


  • Act out your innovated story of Little Red Riding Hood. Ask if somebody else in your house can help by taking on the role of a character from your story.
  • Watch today’s literacy video, where I will write the problem part of my story.

  • Owls, Rabbits and Foxes – read back the story that you have written so far. Use your story plan to think of a sentence for the problem part of your story. Remember to practise saying your sentence out loud to help you remember it when you start writing. Write the problem part of your story and then read it aloud to an adult.
  • Badgers – use your pictures to tell the opening and setting part of your story. Now draw a picture of the problem part of your story. Think of a sentence for the problem part of your story.  Practise saying your sentence aloud. Ask an adult to write your sentence as you tell them which word to write next.


  • Practise saying all phase 3 graphemes on the Phonics Play game, Grab a Giggling Grapheme.

  • Watch today’s phonics video to practise spelling CCVC words.

  • Practise spelling CCVC words on the espresso game below.

  • Write the sentence below after and adult has read it aloud to you. Remember to have a go at spelling each word yourself.

We will plan when to go to the shops.


  • Practise spelling phase 2 words on your Purple Mash 2do activity.
  • Watch today’s phonics video to recap spelling words with the igh and oa graphemes.

  • Practise spelling words using this week’s sounds on Sspresso.

  • Write the sentence to match the picture at the end of today’s phonics video. (The foal on the grass.)


  • Continue the pattern of numbers below by counting aloud as you march and swing your arms.

12,   13,   14,   15…

  • Watch today’s maths video to find out about sharing by splitting a group of objects into equal parts.
  • Use the link below to share the bones equally between the dogs.


  • Hedgehog Class, we are super proud of all the wonderful work you are completing in your forest school lessons – well done. Today, we are going to make a pirate ship using natural materials. You can be as creative and imaginative as you like. There are lots of different materials you can use including bark, grasses, leaves, cardboard and newspaper.
  • Watch the video below, showing you how to make a newspaper Pirate Ship.

  • If you can, challenge yourself and see if you can make your boat float. Don’t forget to send in your pictures, have fun mi hearty’s!
  • It’s time to play a memory game together with at least one other person from your house. What does a pirate take to sea?
      • In my trunk I would put, a treasure map.
      • In my trunk I would put a treasure map and binoculars.
      • In my trunk I would put a treasure map, binoculars and a cutlass.
      • And so on………. 




  • Owls and Rabbits – Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).
  • Read pages 12-16 of the Ice Rink to an adult. What happens to Dad in the café? How do you think he feels when he falls over in the café?
  • Foxes and Badgers- Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).
  • Read pages 12- 16 of Tiger’s Fish to an adult. Retell the story from the story map at the end of the book.


Don’t forget to make time to do some of this week’s suggested play activities.

  • Make a story puppet of your new character and retell your innovated story of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Design and make a space rocket for Oliver to travel back from the moon.
  • Pack a space picnic and pretend to eat it on the moon.
  • Imagine that you have met an alien in space. Draw a picture or make the alien using dough. Write a sentence to describe your alien.
  • Dress up in your own space suit using clothes and accessories from around your house.
  • Help serve up the tea at home by sharing pieces of food equally (such as sausages, wedges or fish fingers).
  • Play a large game of noughts and crosses outside. Use chalk, sticks or ribbon to make your frame.
  • Play ‘Kim’s Game’ using 6 objects that you gather from around your house. Cover them up and ask an adult to remove one object without you looking. Uncover them and try to guess which ones is missing. Use words to describe the object you think is missing, such as the shiny metal spoon.
  • Play a game of ‘What is it made of’ around your house or when you are next on a walk. Try to find something made from plastic, metal, wood, glass, cardboard and fabric.
  • Use a selection of toys from home to make your own story. Use the story planner we used in our Literacy lessons to think about the characters, setting, problem and ending. Practise telling your story with your toys.
  • Learn the dance moves for one of Hedgehog Class’ favourite songs ‘I’m Still Standing’ on Go Noodle.
  • Join in with the illustrator Rob Biddulph and draw your own space alien.