Thursday 11th June

Good morning Hedgehogs. Thank you for all of the work you have sent through so far this week. Keep it coming, it is wonderful to see how hard you work at home. Today Miss Lydon has planned another exciting forest school activity for you.  Hopefully you all get the chance to go outside and spend time in the fresh air. Have a great day!


  • Every day we feel slightly different inside. This can be called our ‘mood’. Our mood is how we are feeling at that time. We can be in a happy, sad, worried, nervous, excited mood and many more.  Have a look at the mood monsters below and have a go at creating your own mood monster to show your mood at the moment.

COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; View from the Cockpit

Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘View from the Cockpit’.
  • A cockpit is at the front of an aircraft. It has lots of controls for the pilot to use to fly the aircraft.
  • Where do you think the pilot is flying this aircraft to? If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would it be?


  • Watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood and join in with the parts that you know.

  • Watch today’s literacy video and join in with me retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood using story connectives and actions.

  • Draw your own story map of Little Red Riding Hood. Use your story map to practise retelling the story and then tell it to somebody at home or on the telephone. 


  • Log in to spelling shed and practise spelling ‘ur’ words on today’s assignment.
  • Today we are going to CVCC words with digraphs. Watch today’s video and get ready to join in when blending the sounds in new words.

  • Put sound buttons on the words below and match the word to the correct picture.








  • Read the sentence below and decide if the answer is yes or no.

Can you keep books on a shelf?


  • Put on your favourite song and write the graphemes ur oi ow air each on a big piece of paper. Dance to your music and when it stops, find a grapheme and say the sound whilst doing the action!
  • Today we are going to write ‘er’ words. Watch the video below to find out more.

  • Write the word to match each of the pictures below.

  • (Parents, the ‘er’ words are boxer, mixer, farmer, rocker).
  • Write the sentence below after an adult has read it aloud to you.

The boxer had a fight.


  • Find the number that is 2 more than the numbers below. Remember that you can use a number line or objects to find the answer.

4     10     8     13

  • We can use words to compare objects by size.
  • When comparing size we can use the words longer and shorter to describe the length, bigger and smaller to describe the size or taller and shorter to describe the height.
  • Use the game called ‘Compare and Order’ on the link below to compare objects by size.

  • Go on a scavenger hunt to find…
    • an object that is shorter than you;
    • something that is longer than your foot;
    • something that is shorter than your shoe.


  • Think about a time when you have felt cross. Draw a picture to show what was happening that made you cross. Think about what colours you are going to use.   You can do this on paper using colours that you may have at home or the Purple Mash 2do activity assigned for you.
  • When you have finished talk about your picture with an adult at home…
    • What was happening that made you feel cross?
    • What did other people do?
    • How could people help you when you feel cross?


  • Today we are going to go on a nature walk, or visit the garden, in order to make a nature bracelet or arm band.
  • Take a walk around your garden or in a local park and collect some natural materials that you find. If you can’t get outside make small cut out pictures of things that you would find outside at this time of year.
  • Make an arm band or bracelet by cutting out a strip of paper that will fit around your wrist. Decorate your paper with the natural materials that you found outside. You might want to choose a colour theme or challenge yourself to create a rainbow.  Try to cover as much of the paper as you can.  Click on the video below for more ideas.


  • FOXES AND BADGERS – Read 1-15 of ‘A Dog’s Day’. What is Pip dreaming about at the end of the story?

  • OWLS AND RABBITS- Read pages 1 to 15 of ‘Spots’. Find out the prediction you made yesterday was right.