Monday 28th June

Good morning Hedgehogs. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. It is the start of another shiny new week and we have lots of exciting things to look forward to. Make this Monday amazing and have a fantastic day!  


  • Watch the story of ‘Under the Mask, Inside Feelings’ up to 5 minutes 40.

  • Describe how each of the characters in the story felt and what made them feel that way.

 COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; Journey to School

 Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘Journey to School’.
  • How is this journey to school different to your journey to school?


  • Share the story of The Colour Monster up to 1:30.

  • The Colour Monster is all mixed up. His colours show how he is feeling. What colours is he?
  • The colour monster is yellow, blue, red, black and green. When Ravi in the story of ‘Ravi’s Roar’ was feeling angry he turned red. What feeling do you think each of these colours represents for the colour monster?
  • Discuss with an adult how you might move your body if you are feeling angry.
  • Write a feelings word in each of the different coloured jars to say how you think the colour monster might be feeling.


  • Choose the word ending to make the word on your Purple Mash 2do activity.
  • Today we are going to learn about words with squashed together sounds at the beginning and the end. These are called CCVCC words. Watch the Espresso video below to find out more.

  • Practise blending CCVCC words on the activity below.

  • Read the sentence below.

A drip from the tap drops on the sink.


  • Practise reading ‘ar’ words on Phonics Play buried treasure.

  • Recap the ‘or’ phoneme. Say the phoneme and do the action.  Join in with reading the words in the video below.

  • Read the sentences below and colour in the ‘or’ words.

I had a silver fork.

He was born in a barn.

She had corn for lunch.

His shorts had torn.


  • Get 8 small objects from around you house. Can you find half of the objects?
  • Watch today’s maths video to find out about this week’s number of the week!

  • Watch Numberblocks 20 and find out more about the number 20!

  • Record the number 20 in a part, part, whole grid like the one below.

  • Make your own number 20 Numberblock with a face and arms and two rows of ten!



  • Imagine that you are a deep sea diver swimming under the ocean. You have your wet suit and oxygen tank on and you dive into the water. Watch the video clip below and try to name the animals that you see.

  • There is a whole world of amazing animals living in the water. Could we live under the water? Why not?
  • We need to breathe oxygen in, so we cannot stay under water for very long. The sea creatures can survive under water. Some have gills and some absorb oxygen from the water. Watch the sea creatures and ocean life videos from espresso using the link below.


  • Owls and Rabbits – Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).
  • Choose the book ‘Home for a Night’. Read pages 1-5 to an adult.
  • Badgers and Foxes – Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).
  • Choose the book ‘The King and his Wish’. Read pages 1-5 to an adult.

This week’s suggested play activities are…

  • Create your own colour monster. What would it look like?
  • Design and make a home for your colour monster to live in.
  • Make a den for your monster to live in using materials from around your house.
  • Write the numbers 1-20 on small pieces of paper. Ask someone to hide them around the room whilst you close your eyes. Find and order the numbers!
  • Make a scavenger hunt box using an empty food box. Decorate it and go on a scavenger hunt to see what you can find outside.
  • Make up a dance routine to your favourite song. Put on your best clothes, practise your routine and perform it to your family!
  • Design your own mermaid or merman with a sparkly tail.
  • Join in with the illustrator Rob Biddulph and learn to draw your own monster!