Monday 22nd June

Good morning Hedgehogs.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and found time to relax and do things that you enjoy.  We are reading one of my favourite stories this week…. Whatever Next! I used to enjoy reading this story when I was in Reception!


  • Watch the video below up to 1 minute. Have a chat with an adult and tell them how you are feeling today.  Ask them how they are feeling too.

COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; Waiting

 Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘Waiting’.
  • What do you think the hippo is waiting for? What things do you have to wait for?


  • Share the story of Whatever Next by Jill Murphy up to 2 minutes 20.

  • Baby bear sets off in his own rocket up to the moon. How do you think he felt when he set off into the night? Can you describe his rocket to someone? If you were going to make a rocket using things from your house, what would you use? Why would you choose those materials?
  • Design a rocket using things you can find around your house.
  • Foxes and Badgers- Draw a picture of your rocket and write a list of the resources you used to make it.
  • Owls and Rabbits – Draw a picture of your rocket and write a sentence underneath to describe it.



  • Log in to Purple Mash and complete your 2do activity to practise spelling CVCC words.
  • Watch the video on the link below to find out about CCVC words with digraphs.

  • Blend the words on the CCVC words blending activity.

  • Read the sentence below and draw a picture to match.

The goat went on the fresh green grass.


  • Recap all phase 3 graphemes on ‘Grab a Giggling Grapheme’.

  • Watch today’s phonics video to recap reading words with the ‘oo’ digraph.

  • Practise spelling ‘oo’ words on your Purple Mash 2do activity.
  • Read the sentence and colour in the ‘oo’ words.

The food was good.


  • I am thinking of a number that is in between 10 and 12. What number am I?
  • Watch today’s maths video to find out about our number of the week this week!

  • Practise your maths skills by performing the different operations to the number 19. Remember to use objects and a number line to help you.


  • Last week you found out about life in Space and what it would be like to land on the moon. In Space there are lots of different planets.  Our planet is called earth.  There are 8 planets and the sun.  Watch the video below to find out more about the planets in our solar system.
  • Choose one planet from our solar system and draw or make the planet. What can you remember about that planet?  Watch the video again to find out a fact about your planet. 


  • Foxes and Badgers- Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).
  • Choose ‘Dad, can you do this?’ Talk about what the boy is doing on the front cover.
  • Read up to page 7 to an adult. Why do you think Dad can’t play the drums? Do you think he wants to play them?
  • Owls and Rabbits- Log in to Oxford Owl (email for our class log in if required).
  • Choose the book ‘Toads in the road’. Read up to page 5 to an adult. What do you think Mum and Wilma’s Mum will do to help?

This week’s suggested play activities

  • Have a game of planet snap.
  • Make your own story using 3 different characters that is set in space. Use the characters, setting, problem and resolution story planner and make character puppets.
  • Plan a new and healthy meal for the Very Hungry Caterpillar to enjoy.
  • Make a diary for all of the days of this week.
  • Make a tunnel to roll an object along or underneath.
  • Follow a recipe to make a healthy meal at home. Talk about the ingredients and the instructions with an adult. Think about what skills you will need such as peeling, chopping and grating.
  • Make a new planet for our solar system. What would it be like on that planet? Would anyone live there?
  • Write a post card or a letter to a friend or family member who you are missing. Ask an adult to help you write their address and take a walk to your local post box to post it.
  • Pack a picnic, just like Baby Bear in Whatever Next and enjoy your picnic somewhere exciting, such as under the table, the park or a den in your back garden.