Friday 26th June

Good morning Hedgehogs. It is Friday already and what a great week we have had.  I hope you all have a fantastic day and a great weekend!


  • All of the animals had different ways of trying to cheer Taylor up in the story of ‘The Rabbit Listened’.
  • Can you remember what they did?
  • Watch the story again to find out what each animal did to try and help Taylor. 

  • What can other people do to help you when you feel annoyed? 

COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE – Discuss the picture of the day from Pobble 365; Magnetised

 Talk about the bullet points below with an adult.

  • What can you see in today’s picture? The picture is called ‘Magnetised’.
  • What does it mean if something is magnetic? What do you think the girls are magnetised to?


  • Share the story of ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. Join in with as much as the story as you can as you will have learnt lots of the words this week!

  • Today we are going to think of our own story for Baby Bear using the new planet you thought about yesterday.
  • Watch today’s video to listen to my innovated story of ‘Whatever Next’.

  • Draw a new story map using Baby Bear and the new planet you chose for him to land on. Don’t forget to include the things that you thought you should take on the journey! When you have finished, retell your new story to an adult (or even your favourite teddy) using your story map.


  • Have a key word disco. Write each of the words; one, when, out, little, there and some on a piece of paper.
  • Put the words around the room on your favourite music and when the music stops hop to the word that an adult says aloud.
  • Watch today’s video to read the high frequency words just, help, children.

  • Practise spelling HFW on Kim’s Espresso game.


  • Practise reading the high frequency words on Espresso.

  • Watch today’s phonics video to find out about spelling ‘ar’ words.

  • Write the words to match the pictures in today’s video. (park, shark, dark, barn)
  • Write the sentence below after an adult has read it aloud to you.
  • Put on the light in the dark.


  • Use a saucepan as a drum and play the rhythm whilst singing the days of the week song in today’s maths video.

  • Draw a picture of something you would like to do tomorrow. Use the word tomorrow to talk to an adult about your picture.


  • Get your body moving and join in with Turn on Go Noodle.

  • Today we are going to practise rolling. Find a big flat space away from objects in your house or garden.  Practise rolling like a pencil with your arms stretched straight out above your head and your legs stretched straight out together.
  • Now find something in your house that you can roll such as a ball, empty plastic bottle or cardboard tube. Practise rolling your object across the floor. Put a marker down to show how far you could roll it. Try again and see if you can roll it further this time. When you roll your object make sure it stays on the ground.
  • Now use boxes or items from around your home to make a bridge. Have a go at rolling your object underneath your bridge.
  • Find three flat objects such as a towel, piece of kitchen roll and a flannel. Space the flat objects out and decide how many points you will get for landing on each target. Have a go at rolling your object onto each target and count how many points you have won. 



Don’t forget that this week’s suggested play activities are…

  • Have a game of planet snap.
  • Make your own story using 3 different characters that is set in space. Use the characters, setting, problem and resolution story planner and make character puppets.
  • Plan a new and healthy meal for the Very Hungry Caterpillar to enjoy.
  • Make a diary for all of the days of this week.
  • Make a tunnel to roll an object along or underneath.
  • Follow a recipe to make a healthy meal at home. Talk about the ingredients and the instructions with an adult. Think about what skills you will need such as peeling, chopping and grating.
  • Make a new planet for our solar system. What would it be like on that planet? Would anyone live there?
  • Write a post card or a letter to a friend or family member who you are missing. Ask an adult to help you write their address and take a walk to your local post box to post it.
  • Pack a picnic, just like Baby Bear in Whatever Next and enjoy your picnic somewhere exciting, such as under the table, the park or a den in your back garden.