Additional Subjects W/C 8th June


This week you are going to begin your unit of work learning about plants. Before you begin, create a glossary ready to add some scientific words and phrases throughout the unit.

Watch the clip below to find out more about plants, then read the facts below …

The different parts of a plant have different functions.

  • The roots of a plant take up water and nutrients from the soil. The roots also keep the plant steady and upright in the soil.
  • The stem carries water and nutrients to different parts of the plant.
  • The leaves use light from the sun, along with carbon dioxide from the air and water to make food for the plant. This process is called photosynthesis.
  • Some plants have flowers. These are involved in reproduction and produce seeds from which new plants grow.

Draw and label a diagram of a plant and include the following parts:

  • Petal, leaf, stem, flower, berry, seed, root.

Begin to build a glossary of important terms and find out the meaning of the words for your glossary. You will need this each week and later on in the term. Start your glossary with the words underlined above. Think of other words you can add to your glossary.

Finally, complete the activity in Purple Mash – 2Do – Plants. Remember to save this so I can have a look at it.



This week we are going to learn some phrases for popular items we might find in the classrooom. 

Watch the video here:

Whilst watching, write the English word and the French phrases.  You will need this list to play the game below.

After you have compelted the list of objects, using a QR reader on a device, scan the code here and play the matching game, see if you can match all the English words with the French phrases.  My best time is 45 seconds, have a really good go and try to beat me! Good Luck!



This week we are going to take our coding skills to a new level.  Today you are gong to use a programme called ‘Scratch’.  This can be accessed on either a device or a laptop/desktop.  Follow the link here: and watch the tutorial on getting started.  

Once you have watched the tutorial you can have a go, or if you aren’t feeling too confident yet, have a go at this activity: the coding has been set up, you just need to add a new ‘sprite’. 

Have a go and see how you get on.


Online Safety

Staying safe online is important and we need to remind ourselves of the different ways we can stay safe.  Watch the video on the link here: and discuss the information you have found out with a grown-up at home.



Our RE this term is ‘Hinduism’.  This week, we are going to look at different families.  Looking at these photographs and photogtaphs of ypur own families and answer the following questions:

  •  Who are the members of your family?
  • What makes a family?
  • What roles and responsibilities does each family member have?
  • What behaviours and values are present in your family?