Additional Subjects W/C 29th June


This week your challenges is to find out as much as you can about Dragons!  Below you will find two activity challenge grids.  Complete as many of the activiti4es as you can.  All the documents you ned for the challenges are listed below the grid.

English activities linked to Dragons!


Maths Activities linked to Dragons!


Dragon Tangrams!



This week, we are going to continue our work focusing on, ” The Great Outdoors.”  Vincent Van Gogh painted many, very famous paintings.   Unfortunately he only ever sold one whilst he was alive.  Starry Night, is one of his most famous creations, I think you can see why!
There’s nothing I like better than camping out and looking up at a starry sky.
Watch the tutorial below, in order to create your own interpretation.

In the video a technique known as crayon resist is used, however if you do not have the materials available, use what you can. The original painting would have been oil paints on canvas. Follow the simple steps and you will produce some wonderful work.
Don’t forget to send your pictures, I can’t wait to see them. Have fun and be creative!
Using a QR reader on your device, access the following six activities.  Have a go at finding the names of members of your family.  Recap and remind yourself of the colours in French.  Name different parts of the face and revisit animals – naming and recogiging the names in French.  Finally recap the items in the classroom and naming the friits.  Have fun!