Additional Subjects W/C 15th June

Physical Education

This week’s learning resource is all about Creative dance, and creating a dance sequence with a travel, turn, jump and more movements.
Our Spar Lancashire School Games Heroes challenge is linked to this skill the sport of rounders – with a difference, so good luck! And Lancashire School Sports Partnership look forward to receiving your entries. 
Please click the link below for more information…

Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Brochure Week 8 (2)



This week you are going to find out how plants get their nutrients and keep themselves healthy. Follow the link here: and find out some facts about plant roots.

You can also find out some facts about roots from this video:

Whilst reading the website, answer the following questions in full sentences:

  • What is the function of a root?
  • How does the structure of a root help to anchor it to the ground?
  • How does a root help a plant to take in nutrients and water?
  • If possible, have a look at the roots of a plant, what does it look like?


Online Safety

Watch the video below … Timone needs some ‘Safety Smart’ advice – what advice can you give Timone to keep himself safe on his tablet?  Listen to the advice of Pumba and see of you agree.



This term we are focusing on Hinduism and in particular the Hindu Dharma.  We understand that Dharma is often translated as ‘Duty’ and that we have a duty towards others.  Depending on who we are and our age, our duties may change.  The Dharma also focuses on behaving in a certain way, such as how you might be expected to behave in school.  

Today you are going to watch the story of ‘Rama and Sita’.  Watch and enjoy the story, make notes about what happens in the story and how the children are feeling.

At the end of the video, you are going to make your own puppets for the story and act out the story and your understanding of what has happened in the story.  Good luck!



This week you are going to think of your Egyptians topic from before the holidays.  On Purple Mash, you will find a 2Do called ‘2Connect’ watch the information video about the programme and make a bubble all about the different aspects of the Egyptians you learnt about and create a theme bubble about the topic.  Try to link all the ideas in your web together.  Save the work on Purple Mash for me to look at.



This week we are learning phrases for different lessons we might do in school.

Watch the video here: 

Whilst watching, write the English word for the lesson and the French Phrase which goes with each subject.

Using the template here as a guide, create a class timetable of lessons using the French phrase for each lesson.  Remember this is a guide, you can make your own daily timetable of lessons if you wish.



Today, we are going to be producing a piece of research on the famous artist Van Gogh. Over the next few weeks our art lessons will be based on our class theme,” How Does Your Garden Grow?”
Van Gogh, as well as many other impressionist artist, featured flowers and foliage in much of his work. We will be looking closely at the impressionist movement.
Watch the video clip below and find out much more about the life of the great artist, who only ever sold one painting in his lifetime.

It might be useful to take notes whilst you’re watching.
Remember all this work will be used for your arts award, so ensure your presentation is great. Use fact boxes, colourful drawings and bold headings. Most of all enjoy learning all about Vincent Van Gogh. I am looking forward to seeing your work!
This week we are focusing on musical notation and we are going to look at the value of the musical notes.  Watch the video below – read the text as there is no sound to find out more about reading musical notation and reading musical notes.

PSHE – Focus on Empathy (one activity a day)

To understand how others may be feeling.

Watch the video below:

Whilst watching, can you write down how the two Steve’s might be feeling?  Why might they be feeling the way they are? 

When we empathise with someone, we think about how they might feel in different situations and in different circumstances. 

If you were one of the Steve’s in the book, how would you act differently?  Write down your ideas and share with me on email.


To understand what empathy is.

Watch the video below:

Create a word bubble and definition of all the words linked to empathy.  Here is my bubble, you can change the icon image and the words you choose in your bubble. 

Use the website to create your word bubble.



To understand how others are feeling and show empathy towards a character.

Today you are going to make some empathy glasses.  See the ideas below. 

Once you have your ‘Empathy Glasses’ put them on and watch the video below.  The video is the story of ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.

Whilst watching, empathise with the characters – how does Dave feel in the story.? How does Bella feel? 

Write down the words to describe the feelings of the characters.


To understand self-empathy.

Enjoy the story on the link below …

Whilst you are listening, listen carefully to the different qualities the character has, such as polka-dots and stripe, twinkly and bright, clanky, bold and brave.  Look how the character can have different personalities described by the other character in the story.

Today you are going to make a ‘Super Duper You’ template to compare the different person you can be.  Look at the template below, then get creative and make a person that is ‘Super Duper You’ and all the brilliant parts of your personality. 

I can’t wait to see how brilliant your ‘Super Duper Me’ person is.


To make an empathy resolution

Today we are going to think of all the activities we have completed this week and create an empathy resolution.

An empathy resolution will help us to change one aspect of our self to become more empathetic towards your friends and family.

This week we have empathised with characters, used our empathy glasses and spotted how others are feeling and created a ‘Super-Duper Me’ character. 

So today we are going to make a resolution to stick to which will help me to become more aware of the empathy to show to others.  This might include …

Helping others who are sad

  • Spotting my friends who have no-one to play with.
  • See other people’s points of view when talking
  • Share feelings when reading stories
  • Be a ‘super-duper me’ every day.