After School Club

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About our After School Club

Ms. Lydon is the main supervisor of our provision.

Our After School Club is run under the umbrella of the Governing Body and follows the policies and procedures of the school. The Club is open during term time Monday – Friday from 3.15pm until 5.30pm at a cost of £7.00 per session. The ratio of staff will always be a minimum of 1:14. Children can engage in activities of their choice, with a mixture of adult and child led activities. Children are listened to and valued within the Club, which enables them to enjoy the session, feel safe and secure. We work in partnership with parents, we have a suggestion box for any comments. Children will be involved in group planning sessions where they are able to put forward their suggestions and interests for the ‘Activity Plan’.

Opening Times

Our After School Club runs from 3.15pm to 5.30pm during term time.

Our After School Service

  • We will collect children from their classroom.
  • We will provide an opportunity for the children to settle in and to discuss their day’s events.
  • We will provide a light snack, and drinks will be readily available.
  • We will encourage your child to be involved in the planning of activities.
  • We will provide a wide range of materials to encompass a broad curriculum.
  • We can supervise and support optional homework commitments.
  • You will be welcome at all times to discuss our work, and to share your child’s achievements and progress.
  • We will be consistent and reliable to enable you to have peace of mind

Food and Drink

The After School Club will provide a light healthy snack and drink during the session.

Communication with Parents/Guardians

Changes to After School Club policies and procedures, as well as news and updates about the club will be communicated to parents/guardians on a regular basis. These will be communicated via newsletters, facebook, website and on the parent noticeboard.


Fees are reviewed on an annual basis, taking effect from September each year.  Fees for the After School Club are based on attendance per day between the hours of 3.15pm and 5.30pm.

Full Session – 3.15pm to 5.30pm – £7.00 per session


Fees are payable in advance and can be paid weekly / monthly or termly. Payments can be made by cash / cheque (please make cheques payable to Lancashire County Council).  In addition parents can pay using a childcare voucher scheme – please check with school that the scheme your employer uses has been set up. Our school is currently registered with Fideliti and Sodexo. After School Club payments must be made by Friday 4pm of the week before or in the case of a holiday period, by 4pm on the last working day of the school before the holiday starts. Please note no payments can be accepted by staff after 4pm and your child will not be allocated a place for the forthcoming week.

Regular Bookings

After School Club is limited to 24 places. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and only secured once payment has been received.

Occasional Places

It may be possible to reserve a place on an occasional basis only. Such sessions are charged at the normal rate with payment made at the time of booking.


Please inform After School Club as soon as possible if your child/children will not be attending the session you have booked them for. There is no refund for cancellations at After School Club unless 5 working days notice is given. In the case of absence due to illness, fees will still be payable for the first week of illness, after which, the Club will review the situation.

Policies and Procedures

School policies are adopted by the After School Club. These include Safeguarding and Child Protection, Health & Safety and Behaviour. Policies are available on the school’s website and paper copies can be requested via the school office.

Specific After School Club Policies

Uncollected Child Policy

At the end of every session, the Club will ensure that all children are collected by a parent/guardian or a designated adult. If for any reason, a child is not collected at the end of the session, the procedures detailed below will be activated.

  • If a child has not been collected by 5 minutes after the end of the session, the leader of the session will call the parent, guardian or designated adult to ascertain the cause of the delay, and how long it is likely to last.
  • If after repeated attempts no contact is made, and a further 15 minutes has passed, the session leader will call social care for advice.
  • After social services have been contacted they may come for the child at which point, the Club no longer holds responsibility. The staff will leave a voice mail message for parents and a note on the door of the club.

Late Pick up Policy

Parents must contact After School Club if they are not going to pick up on time on 0778 700 5673. Lateness regardless of circumstances will be charged at a rate of £5 for the first 10 minutes and a further £5 for any subsequent 5 minute period this is payable per family. Persistent lateness may result in loss of placement.

Collection of Children/Security

We are very strict on security. Please take into account that your child can only be collected by the persons named on your child(s) admission form.  There will no longer be a registration form as it will be assumed that the contact details for a child are the same as those held within our current information system. The minimum age of a person allowed to pick up a child from After School Club will be 16 years of age; unless the person has parental responsibility. All children must be signed out of the After School Club by the parent/guardian collecting the child.

All staff are employed by St Saviour’s Community Primary School in accordance with OFSTED regulations which require Disclosure and Barring Service checks to be carried out.

Unpaid Fees

If fees are not paid in advance your child will not be able to access the club.

Using the After School Club

In order for your child to use the service, you will have to fill out a series of forms in order to ensure that the out of school club staff have the information needed. These forms are:

  • Booking Form – A list of regular sessions required.
  • Health Care Plan – For those children who have a specific condition the Club needs to know about. Please inform After School Club if your child is taking part in after school activities / is not going to attend a booked session.

After School Club Expectations

Please refer to our current whole school behavior policy which can be found on our school website – a paper copy is available from the school office upon request.