At St Saviour’s we ensure all children access a broad and balanced curriculum. Science is taught, through school, for a full afternoon once a week. Children have access to a wide range of resources and as they progress through school they are actively encouraged to independently select the resources they may need for a Science lesson or experiment. This not only promotes independence but allows pupils to develop a firm understanding behind planning a fair test investigation.

We have developed a curriculum which enables children to access all aspects of Science; life cycles, electricity, the human body, rocks and soils, animals and their habitats and many more! In Early Years Foundation Stage, children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world through observation, prediction, critical thinking and discussion. As pupils then continue through school into Bumble Bee Class (Year 1 and 2), they continue to build on their previous experiences and develop their basic scientific enquiry skills through a variety of ways including: asking and answering questions with adult support, adult led investigations, recording results and making simple predictions. When children then move up to Acorn Class (Year 3 and 4), they have the basic skills to then ask their own questions more confidently, begin to record in a variety of ways, make their own

 predictions and choose their own resources. The curriculum then supports the skills progression into Willow Class (Year 5 and 6) where children then carry out their own, child-led fair test investigations, form a hypothesis, gather their own equipment, decide the most effective way of recording results and then create conclusions from this.

Each class is also required to set at least one Science-based task as part of the half-termly theme homework to build on learning that has taken place in school. All of our pupils have been extremely 

engaged with many of the Science tasks set and it has been wonderful to see the involvement and support of so many parents with this. We would love to develop this even further by asking any parents (or relatives), who are willing to support our Science learning further, to come in and volunteer in our classes to assist with any aspect of Science.