Religious Education

How RE is taught

RE is taught throughout school on a weekly basis using a range of different approaches. 

In EYFS children learn about different religions and celebrations, for example, through the ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’ strand of their framework. 

Across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage, we further develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the major faiths.  Our children are encouraged to reflect on what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding.  Through our curriculum, we help our children not only  learn about religions but also from religions.

Skill Progression in a Mixed Age Class

At St. Saviour’s we follow the Lancashire RE planning.  Our long term planning outlines the units we teach and ensures clear skill progression across the year groups, building on the children’s existing knowledge and understanding.

Help at Home

Throughout the year, many families celebrate different occasions.  Discussing these festivals and celebrations at home will help further develop children’s understanding of the religions.  In school, we encourage children to share their experiences of festivals and celebrations with their peers.  This further supports our children to be able to develop their appreciation and acceptance of different cultures and beliefs.

British Values

In school we are working hard to develop the children’s understanding of the fundamental British values.  For example:

  • Democracy – Teachers have opportunity to model respect, tolerance and democracy within the classroom, allowing all children the opportunity to speak, using class voting systems and debate.
  • Rule of Law – By exploring similarities and differences between the world faiths and cultures.  This includes Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.
  • Individual Liberty – By giving children the opportunity to ask and respond to questions about world religions.
  • Mutual Respect –Develop respect for the right of others to hold beliefs different from their own.



We have a wealth of resources to use in school to help develop children’s understanding of the major religions.   Children have access to resources in class and can help themselves to any resources they feel would further support their learning.  Our school library hosts a range of different resources for the children to read and borrow.