How Mathematics is Taught

Mathematics in taught throughout school on a daily basis.  It is taught using a range of different approaches, including concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches.  In EYFS and KS1 children have access to a range of resources to help with their mathematical understanding.  As children move through school to KS2, children develop more formal methods for their calculations whilst retaining access to a range of practical resources should they require them.

Skill Progression in a Mixed Age Class

At St. Saviour’s we follow the Lancashire Mathematics planning.  The long term plan for the school outlines the units taught to ensure clear skill progression through the year groups.  The skills taught progress from year to year, building on the children’s existing knowledge and understanding. 

Help at Home

Each week your child will bring home mathematics homework which will be linked to their learning that week or previous weeks.  Children are proud to show staff in school the work they produce at home. 

In addition to the homework set on a weekly basis, children are required to learn and practise their timetables and associated division facts. Games can be accessed on the following websites to support this learning…

Maths Playground –

Top Marks –

Oxford Owl –

British Values

In school we are working hard to develop the children’s understanding of the fundamental British values.  For example…

  • Mutual Respect –Sharing resources in the classroom and negotiating of responses when solving problems in small groups and whole class. We also help children to work together productively on complex mathematical tasks and help them to value times in which the outcome has been more productive than could have been achieved working on their own in the same time frame. 


We have a wealth of resources to help children develop their mathematical knowledge and understanding.  Children have open access to resources in class and can self select resources if needed.

Active Maths

As part of our curriculum development we have recently launched ‘Maths of the Day’ which is a practical and active approach to mathematics learning.  Each week, every class undertakes at least one active maths lesson to enhance their mathematical learning and understanding.  This also contributes to our daily 30 minutes active offer.