Art and Design Technology

Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences, and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. The children at St Saviour’s are able to use their art work as a form of visual communication and personal expression in a variety of media and techniques. Art and Design Technology are taught weekly throughout the school from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6. The pupils at St Saviour’s develop their skills through a range of different medias and look at famous artists and craftsmen to help inspire ideas and creativity.

Children at St Saviour’s access a broad and balanced art curriculum which develops skills in a variety of areas, including: printing, collage, digital media, textiles, 3D sculpture and collage. Children are also encouraged to think about their own work, as well as others’ work in order to develop mutual respect. As pupils develop all of the above skills through EYFS and KS1, they then begin to work towards their Arts Award.

Our Arts Award Provision through Partnership with the Arts Council and Trininty College, London.

In Year 3, children begin by working towards their Discover Award. This award enables children to have access to, and discover a variety of art and design forms whilst building a portfolio of their work. As children then move in to Year 4, they begin to work towards their Explore Award. This award allows pupils to explore the arts which they have previously discovered in Year 3. As children then move up to Year 5 and 6, they begin to work towards their Bronze Arts Award. As children have to be 11 years old before moderation of their portfolio to achieve the Bronze Award, children work towards this award for two years before moderation at the end of the summer term whilst they are in Year 6.

This year, pupils have been extremely lucky to work with some artists based on their topic for the half term and have created some incredible pieces of work! As part of this, we always love to see any art work that children have worked on at home. Pupils enjoy sharing and discussing their work and often it is lovely to see so many parents involved!