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Stars of the Autumn Term 2018

December 20, 2018

These children have been specifically chosen, by the staff team, for their work in the related area over the course of last term. For some…
  • it has been awarded for amazing progress;

  • it has been for always giving nothing but their best effort;

  • it may be for their fantastic attitude to the subject area;

  • it may be for fantastic overall achievement in reading, writing or mathematics.

Rec Logan Rec Harley Rec Lucy
Year 1   Lola Year 1  Brodie Year 1 Charlotte C
Year 2    Filip Year 2 Jonah Year 2 Jack
Year 3   Noah Year 3  Aaniya Year 3 Hannah H
Year 4   Lauren Year 4 Kaedyn Year 4 Alexia
Year 5 Isabella Year 5 Stevie Year 5 Jacob
Year 6   Alexsandra Year 6  Alicia Year 6 Lexi