Breakfast Club & After School Club

Early Birds Breakfast Club 


  • To provide a safe environment for all children before school commences,
  • To provide a service for parents who need their children to be supervised before school,
  • To encourage social skills through fun activities with the option of a quiet area to complete any homework,
  • To provide the choice of a healthy breakfast.


  • Breakfast club is open from 8.00am to 8:50am for any child wishing to participate,
  • Social skills are developed through emphasis of good table manners, interacting with both students and teachers,
  • Offering the opportunity for every child regardless of age to partake in breakfast table discussions,
  • Offering a wide range of fun activites in groups or individually,
  • Provision is made for a wide range of breakfasts, this includes a hot breakfast usually on a Friday!

Items available for breakfast

  • 3 choices of cereal (which are changed regularly),
  • Toast
  • Preserves e.g. Jam, Lemon curd, Marmalade and Honey
  • Fresh juices,
  • Cordial juice drink,
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Hot breakfast e.g. beans on toast or spaghetti on toast

Breakfast Club Ethos

T   Turn early morning into early learning
O   Offer warm and cold breakfast
A   Always use our manners at table and play
S   Safe and welcoming environment
T   To provide fun activities

We offer After School Care until 5.30pm 

Children have a snack between 3.30pm and 4.00pm then there are a range of activities for children to do such as computing, craftwork, sports and games.

The cost of after school club: £3.00 up until 4.00pm

                                                       £6.00 for a full session.