Welcome to Hedgehog Class (EYFS Reception)

IMG_2083The teaching staff who work in class are Miss Proctor and Mrs Butcher.  

In the Foundation Stage observation plays an essential role in finding out children’s interests, strengths and areas for development. We observe the children every day during child initiated play, both indoors and outdoors and when carrying out adult directed activities. This allows us to meet the children’s needs by providing a challenging play environment which follows the children’s interests and develops their learning.  

To find out more about…

  • what to expect for your child’s development when, please click here;  
  • an overview of our long term plan for the year, please click here.

22196339_1912552412400324_4233403327626699076_nAccessing learning in the great outdoors is a key part of strengthening our development.  Our continuous outdoor provision is accessible daily throughout the whole year… don’t forget to make sure your child has a suitable, warm coat during the colder, wetter months – be prepared, though we do encourage children to be careful and also use aprons, with our mud kitchen and outdoor mark making resources including paint readily accessible, it may be best to avoid expensive, white school coats.

Why not click on the picture below to enlarge it and read more about  our learning in the outdoors?…

outdoor link for website

It is important that we develop links with parents and carers so that we have an awareness of the things children do at home. This also helps us to build a picture of your child as a unique individual. We would therefore like you to share your child’s achievements at home using ‘WOW’ cards.

Whenever your child achieves something you feel particularly pleased with, you many want to write a WOW card which will be celebrated in class and will form part of your child’s ‘learning journey’.  The WOW cards can be for any achievements and it is important to remember that these will be unique for your child! A few examples are…

  • Riding a bike without stabilisers
  • Swimming without armbands
  • Being helpful at home
  • Counting up to 20
  • Writing key words
  • Dressing and undressing without help

We will send out WOW cards from time to time for you to keep until you would like to write one, and they are also available to take from the cloakroom notice board.  

Alternatively, please click here to download and print off your own to send in.

Please ask a member of staff if you would like any help or advice.

 Our EYFS children are starting their Forest School adventures with Ms Lydon and Ms Hardie… watch this space for more information!

Please keep an eye on the space below to find out more about what we have been learning as our term progresses.  In the meantime, please click on the following website link which may be helpful to extend you child’s learning at home…

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