Welcome to Bumble Bee Class (Y1 & Y2)

IMG_2004In Bumble Bee Class, our teachers are Mrs Wood and Mrs Dobbs. 

Throughout the year we will share all our exciting learning on this class page… keep checking back to see if you can spot yourself. 


We deliver a theme based curriculum through which the children learn National Curriculum skills, using an exciting theme to create interest and enjoyment. Each half term the theme will change to ensure all children are engaged in stimulated learning tasks.  To find out more, click on the link… 

KS1 Cycle A Long Term Plan 2017


Our Visit to the Cinema

Here’s a look back at Bumble Bee’s visit to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit. They all had an amazing time!

Helping Mr McGregor in his Garden

Children in Bumble Bee Class have helped Mr McGregor in his garden.  They have planted beansprouts, peas and sunflowers.  We measured the height of the plants to see how tall they had grown.

Our Class Assembly

On Tuesday 20th March, parents, friends and carers came to see our amazing class assembly.  We shared the story of Peter Rabbit, the work we have completed in the term and sang some springtime songs.

Amazing Homework

Look at the amazing homework produced by children in Bumble Bee Class each term!  

Reading Response Homework

Bumble Bee Class have produced some amazing activities for their responding to reading. 

22491815_1916613608660871_5037031094235801642_n          22406225_1916613605327538_6118180331937306250_n

Book Bags

Please bring your book bag to school every day, that way you are ready to reaIMG_2003d every day!  You can change your book when you need to, don’t forget, when you finish a book, you need to complete an activity from your reading response journal and hand it to Mrs Wood.


Each week you will receive Maths, English, spelling and timetable homework.  Your homework will be handed out on a Friday afternoon and handed in on a Wednesday morning.  Every time you hand in your homework, you will receive a smiley face on our homework chart. 
Why don’t you try to get a smile every week?

Our learning logs are given out each half term. Mrs Wood discusses the homework with the children, in detail, before they are given out.  They contain a number of tasks and activities linked to our current theme to complete throughout the half term.  All the tasks are open ended and can be completed by the children, though we encourage parents to help and support.

Some of the tasks are best completed towards the end of the half term as they link to the learning we will be completing in class.   Awards are given at the end of each half term for homework completed. The awards are given for effort especially presentation and for completion of all tasks.

Theme Homework Links

Please click on a link below to see the theme homework for the half term…

Our Exciting Curriculum

Take a look at our exciting learning this year.  We have learnt so much in all our themes:

Fantastic Phonics!

IMG_2508 IMG_2511 IMG_2514 IMG_2552 IMG_2828 IMG_2829


Celebrating Roald Dahl Day!

IMG_3386 IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3415 IMG_3418 IMG_3420 IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3429


Excellent Homework!

IMG_2843 IMG_2847 IMG_2844 IMG_2848 IMG_2851 IMG_2853 IMG_2857


Exciting Science!

IMG_3046 IMG_3047 IMG_3032 IMG_3045 IMG_3048


Making Moon Buggies!

IMG_3140 IMG_3139 IMG_3141 IMG_3142 IMG_3143

IMG_3393 IMG_3395 IMG_3397 IMG_3399 IMG_3401 IMG_3403 IMG_3405 IMG_3407


Finding Out About the World We Live In!

IMG_3537 IMG_3538


We Are Amazing Artists!

Can you guess which characters we have been sketching from The Wind in the Willows?

IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3555 IMG_3558 IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3566 IMG_3567 IMG_3569

School Council

We voted for our School Council representatives for this academic year and our School Council members are Isabella and Libby.

School Council meet every two weeks and share the responses from the class in our two weekly Class Council meetings.

Why not check out the School Council page for the minutes from the meetings?